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R4 Robotics Camp Gives Future Engineers a Jump Start

July 17, 2015

R4 (Rio Rancho Robo Runners) recently hosted a robotics camp at UNM West for enterprising kids ages 10 and up.  The camp was an introduction to robotics using RC (Radio Controlled) components and other consumable supplies that one might find in their own garage.  Campers worked in teams during the three day camp (July 15th - July 17th) to build a robot  which they then tested in a competition at the end of camp. Team names included the Blue Death Chickens and the Fluffy Muggestic Butter Piggies.


This STEM educational outreach program emphasized Informal science education (free-choice learning), Project-based (inquiry-based) learning and Systems thinking.  Parents and campers in attendance for the robot competition on Friday were also treated to a surprise visit by Rio Rancho Mayor Gregg Hull.  Mayor Hull stopped by to visit with and encourage Rio Rancho's future engineers to continue to explore their interest in robotics, science and technology.  The R4 campers are a shining example of what it means at UNM West to truly be "A Different Breed of Lobo."  For more info on R4 please visit .