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Fantastic...We are now on Newscastic.

August 12, 2013


What is Newscastic?

*Sponsored content is something of a trend right now (though we've been working on Newscastic for more than a year). We've seen sponsored content on the national level (Buzzfeed) but we want to take this model to the local level, providing a legitimate source of revenue for journalist. Stories connect us.  Stories about our neighbors, our kids' schools, our town halls connect us as a community and we're losing the storytellers of our communities with every journalist who exits the industry.  Our goal at NewsCastic is to redefine the economics of local news. We know that's a huge undertaking but we're confident we can make local news better for everyone.

Our hope is that our new partnership with Newscastic will help raise awareness of the the great things we are currently doing out here in Rio Rancho and the exciting things on the horizon. Check out our first two Newscastic stories below and be sure to check them out on Facebook more local news features.

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*Taken from the Newscastic website.