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UNM West and Colinas Del Norte Have Great Chemistry

June 4, 2013

What did Oxygen say when she ran into Magnesium?  OMg!

science-fairOn Friday, May 10, 2013, UNM West Staff Dr. Reinaldo Garcia, Joseph Moreno and Suli Torres-Reyes participated in the Colinas del Norte Science Fair as judges, continuing a partnership of perfect chemistry. Dr. Garcia, Joe and Suli enjoyed interacting with the elementary students that presented projects on various topics such as soap expansion in a microwave, distracted driving, and others.

Dr. Garcia particularly enjoyed a project that featured a student attempting to discover which type of "Gelatin is Best for Old People" which used various ingredients (salt, sugar) to make the best tasting gelatin.  

Joe enjoyed the science fair because it gives young students an avenue in which to become excited about science in addition to giving the opportunity to tell the judges about their experience with the scientific method. He highlighted that all of the projects were interesting.

Suli was moved by the "children's enthusiasm" stating that "they all seemed excited." Suli's favorite project was called "The Floating Soda Can" that tested which type of sodas floated when immersed in water.

This is one of the many activities highlighted by the partnership between UNM West and Northern Rio Rancho's Colinas del Norte Elementary in which UNM West staff were proud to participate.  The kids' at Colinas Del Norte were kind enough to send us heartfelt thank you letters but, really we should be the ones thanking them for inspiring us with their enthusiasm and thirst for learning. You can check out some the kids letters in the video below.