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Money Raised Benefits Back Packs for Kids Program

February 27, 2013


As citizens of the the wealthiest country in the world, sometimes the fact that many families live everyday without knowing where their next meal will come from escapes us.   Just a few miles away from our UNM West campus there are dozens of families in need at Colinas Del Norte Elementary School.  During the month of February as part of the University of New Mexico's Random Acts of Kindness Week,  UNM West was able to collect $150 in donations benefiting the "Colinas Del Norte Backpack for Kids" program. 

Many students at Colinas Del Norte are not eating over the weekends.  The only food they receive is at school from the cafeteria.  To help these students the school has implemented the back pack food program.  Each Friday volunteers pack up about 100 back packs of food for students to take home over the weekend.  Though the program is funded in part by the Roadrunner Food Bank, there are still many weeks when the program struggles with how they will get enough food to fill every needy student's backpack.  Your help to keep the program running would be much appreciated and in-kind donations as well as volunteers to help pack food on Fridays are always welcomed.


Thank you to all the very generous students, faculty, staff and other community stake holders who helped us here at UNM West in our campaign last month.  UNM West will return to help pack bags for students in early April. If you would like to join us or for more information on other ways you can help out at Colinas Del Norte Elementary school please contact Amber Byrd at 505.896.3378 ext. 153.