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Rio Rancho, NM 87144

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UNM West Launches New Marketing Campaign

October 1, 2012

"A Different Breed of Lobo"

UNM West, in collaboration with Campbell Consulting, is excited to launch it's new "Different Breed of Lobo" marketing campaign. The new campaign follows the 2010 "Lobos Spotted on the West Mesa" marketing campaign which was launched with the opening of the new UNM West campus in Rio Rancho's City Center. The initial campaign aimed at creating an awareness of the new campus. Two years later, with UNM West's programs and regional awareness increasing, the "A Different Breed of Lobo" aims at emphasizing UNM West's unique characteristics.

Be sure to keep an eye out this fall for our  " A Different Breed of Lobo" campaign launch with radio and television ads, posters and brochures.





Commercial #1

Commercial #2