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"Gateways to Lupus" & "Bevel" Pieces Unveiled at UNM West

September 25, 2012

On Tuesday, September 18, 2012, UNM West held an unveiling ceremony for its two new sculpture pieces; “Bevel” by Tom Waldron, purchased by the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs’ ‘1 Percent for the Arts’ Program, and “Gateway to Lupus” by Matthew Lutz, commissioned jointly by the City of Rio Rancho Arts Commission and UNM. 

After the exhibition, UNM West hosted a welcoming ceremony for the new President of UNM, Dr. Bob Frank and an alumni gathering to thank the supporters of the UNM West campus. Frank addressed his new vision for UNM West, such as expanding the campus offerings to focus on five degree programs, as well as his plan to develop a thorough student transfer program with CNM.  Also in attendance were Rio Rancho Mayor Thomas E. Swisstack, Rio Rancho City Councilors, area State Legislators, UNM Staff, Faculty, Students and friends of UNM and UNM West.

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