UNM West

MSC 12-7270
2600 College Blvd. NE,
Rio Rancho, NM 87144

Phone: 505-925-8669
Fax: 505-925-8684

Meeting Space

roomThank you for your interest in using our facilities for your meeting and/or event. UNM West, in keeping with its mission to be part of the Rio Rancho-Sandoval County community, makes its facilities available to community groups when the facility is not in use for classes or other college-sponsored events.

In order to make your visit as productive as possible, please access the “UNM West Facilities Use Policy” below. This Policy authorizes the UNM West designee to negotiate the facilities contract with the Lessee and to schedule facilities accordingly.

Contact  Angela Aragon at (505) 925-8669 or via email at aaragaon@unm.edu for more information.

UNM West Facilities Use Policy and Application