UNM West

MSC 12-7270
2600 College Blvd. NE,
Rio Rancho, NM 87144

Phone: 505-925-8669
Fax: 505-925-8684

UNM West Student Services

Admission, Financial Aid, Records/Registration

All admission, financial aid and records/registration processes for UNM West are handled through the respective departments at UNM Main Campus. However, UNM West staff can assist with general admission, financial aid and/or records/registration inquiries, including paperwork forwarding to UNM Main Campus i.e. transcript/forms forwarding, consortium agreement assistance, enrollment authorizations, etc. 

Academic Advisement

For academic advisement, it is preferred that you call the UNM West front desk to set up an appointment and/or check for advisor availability at (505) 925-8669. Advising at UNM West is offered through appointment hours. 

Exam Proctoring

UNM West Campus

UNM West offers exam proctoring for UNM, UNM Extended University, UNM Distance/Correspondence Education, and other on-line and out-of-state schools.  

TESTING HOURS:  Tuesday-Friday from 8:30 am-1:00 pm.

Appointment requests are not accepted for Mondays, as the UNM West Testing Center is closed.  All exam requests and any questions pertaining to our testing procedures should be directed to Angela Aragon at unmwest@unm.edu.

Steps for Scheduling an Exam Proctor Appointment

  1. Notify your instructor that you will be taking your exam at UNM West, and request that your exam/ information be sent to: unmwest@unm.edu.
  2. Send UNM West an e-mail requesting an appointment for proctoring your exam with your preferred date and time, your name, course name and number, telephone number/email address where we can contact you.
  3. Once we receive exam information from your instructor we will contact you to schedule and confirm your appointment.
  4. When you arrive for your exam you will be required to present your UNM ID or driver’s license at the front desk to check-in for the exam.

Fee for Non-UNM exams: There is a non-refundable $25.00 proctoring fee per exam.  Cash or check only.  Testing fees must be paid at the time of testing. This fee is subject to change if special handling of the exam is required.

Accuplacer Placement Testing

The Accuplacer placement test is now available at UNM West. The Accuplacer computer based math placement exam is available for students who have never taken an ACT exam or students who want to challenge their ACT math score. Results with placement recommendations are printed immediately after completion of the test. Additionally, students may take a reading placement and/or a writing placement exam to "place out" of Introductory Studies Reading 100 or English 100. These tests are for placement only, not for course credits. Contact the UNM West front desk at 925-8669 for additional information. Please note that the Mathematics Department uses the most current assessment for placement. Students who place in a lower class will be required to take that class.

Fees: There is a $5.00 fee for taking each Accuplacer test. Cash or Check only. Testing fees must be paid at the UNM West front desk. All fees are Non-Refundable. Exact change preferred. Check or cash accepted. If taking all three exams (Math, Reading, Writing) the total amount is $15.

Test Dates:

  • For Spring Semester testing is offered November-January
  • For Summer/Fall Semester testing is offered Mid April-August
  • Appointments are required, call 925-2010 to schedule an appointment
  • TESTING HOURS:  Tuesday-Thursday from 8:30 am-1:00 pm

*Hours may vary due to the campus schedule, holiday closures, special events, etc.

Additional Information:

  • Once a student begins a Math, English or Reading class they are not eligible to test. English and Reading exams can be taken only twice, no re-testing.
  • You must have a photo ID and your student ID number to test .
  • Personal calculators are not allowed but an onscreen calculator (basic and scientific) will be provided from within the exam.
Sample test questions can be viewed online at Accuplacer.
Additional Accuplacer Placement Testing information

Accessibility Resource Center (ARC)

The Accessibility Resource Center offers services to UNM self-identified students with disabilities. Students with documented disabling conditions that affect a major life activity are eligible for these services. This includes students with visual, hearing, learning, and mobility disabilities, as well as chronic conditions. The primary duty of the department is to help all qualified students with disabilities gain equal educational access and opportunities throughout the UNM community. Faculty and academic support staff may refer students when they have disclosed pertinent information regarding a specific disability.  Those seeking services, call 505-277-3506 or send an e-mail message to arcstaff@unm.edu for details on how to obtain services.  The departmental website is http://arc.unm.edu for more information.

Veteran’s Resource Center (VRC)

The Veterans Resource Center (VRC) department at UNM is run by Veterans for Veterans. The UNM VRC is a centralized resource department, easily accessible and widely available to all veterans; active duty, reserve guard, separated, retired and their dependants who would like to explore the possibility of attending UNM and/or any other State of New Mexico Accredited Higher Educational Institute. The departmental website is http://vrc.unm.edu for more information.

Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS) 

As a UNM student, you are encouraged to utilize the full services of CAPS, the Center for Academic Program Support. As UNM learning assistance center, we help students by offering a variety of both online and in-person tutoring services.

Online Tutoring Services

You may submit writing assignments for review by a tutor within 48 hours via the Online Writing Lab. If you have a general question that you need assistance with, ask us through our Submit a Question service. Students can receive instant tutoring from CAPS Tutors online through our Virtual Tutoring Lab. Finally, CAPS contracts with a company called Smarthinking to provide UNM students with 24 hour online tutoring. Click here to visit our website to learn about and access our online services.

In-Person Tutoring Services

CAPS offers UNM students, including students at UNM West, a variety of in-person tutoring options. You can received tutoring on a drop-in basis at Zimmerman Library (3rd floor) or at the Student Support and Services Center near the Pit. We also offer students Individual Appointments at Zimmerman Library.