UNM West

MSC 12-7270
2600 College Blvd. NE,
Rio Rancho, NM 87144

Phone: 505-925-8669
Fax: 505-925-8684


UNM West is committed to providing faculty with the assistance and accommodations for the best teaching/learning environment as possible. UNM West staff is available to assist instructors teaching UNM West courses by providing assistance with:

  • General computer/audio visual issues
  • Laptop check-out
  • Computer lab scheduling (if you wish to have your class in the computer lab for instruction)
  • Copying (upon arrival to your class or prior to the start of your class, email unmwest@unm.edu)
  • Exam proctoring
  • Assistance with course-related labs/demonstrations

Instructors needing private space can also contact the front desk staff for assistance.